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Savannah Integrative Pediatrics is excited to offer on-site infant feeding support, in collaboration with Latch.


Latch has been providing therapeutic lactation and infant feeding services to Savannah-area families since 2015 - and has been working alongside Charmaine and Sommer the entire time. We all have a strong belief in the importance of these services in the early weeks and months of parenthood, as well as a passion in providing outstanding quality of care.


Helen and Sarah - the International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) at Latch - have extensive training and experience in infant reflexes, feeding (breast and bottle), lactation - typical and challenges, oral restrictions, rhythmic movements, and TummyTime Method™. They provide a wholistic approach that results in a unique care plan for each family seen.


Prior to your baby’s arrival, we recommend that you begin the preparations for feeding by taking the prenatal breastfeeding class, currently held virtually. Registration is required and available on the Latch webpage at


Once baby arrives, you will conveniently schedule your infant feeding appointment at the Savannah Integrative office by calling the front desk at 912-567-3700

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